“Lenten look back”

Below is a reminder this Lenten season of 2021 that amidst the hate of religious Christians skeptical of Bill Gates vaccines during the Covid19 fiasco, Christians have high regard for science. This is some of what the Church has done for science. Enjoy this article below, and smile inside if you’re Christian, and find yourself under attack by the left and right for being skeptical of “scientists” today.



“Journey to Abraham’s Father.”

July 25, 1985 I was born on my mother’s birthday into a traditional italian-american family. Father Bill at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton was our parish priest. My earliest memories at what grew into a good size church began in a barn. It didn’t take long for my mother to begin going after the Vatican leadership and by extension Fr. Bill: “Why are you calling it reconciliation? It’s confession, penance!” She went on to teaching religion classes in the neighborhood the way she was always taught, and not how the corrupt bishop wanted. That was what I consider a part time church growing up. Mainly there just to make my first sacraments.

Meanwhile where my dad went to church growing up it was a much different story. Granted I didn’t physically go there asmuch, I always associated it with a much more traditional way and my paternal grandparents where I spent half my life growing up. Fughetaboutit! My grandparents weren’t even going to entertain the Vaticans garbage: “Raymond it’s not the holy spirit, it’s the holy ghost.” I remember my grandmother correcting me many times growing up. My grandfather would just look on with a smile on his face.

That was the basic theme of religious war within the Catholic church as I understood it back then as a kid. If only that were it. The only hint I had that things where much worse than that was my father telling me: “The church even admits there will be a split at the Vatican.” I didn’t really pursue looking into that as a teenager, but it was something I always remembered. That memory stayed with me after the Marine Corps, drugs, and a whole lot of craziness.

In 2009-end of 2010 a friend of mine originally from Lebanon who moved to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn introduced me to Shia Islam at Suny Buffalo. At that time being catholic was as far from my mind as the east is from the west. At that time I was around many lebanonese maronite christians like my old friend Yara. She was from Lebanon, and moved to Canada, but was studying at Suny Buffalo. “Ray I’m telling you the jews in Israel are the problem.” “They need to be shot, or driven back home or something.” Jaafar shared a similar sentiment, but wasn’t as hostile as Yara was.

I ended up leaving Islam NOT because I hated Islam, but at that time drugs were an issue among other problems. Fast forward to 2020. I was floating back and fourth between traditional catholicism, and the old basilica that I use to attend. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back with me, and the CON-ciliar church was two fold: The death of the greatest priests any one could ever meet, Fr. Giorgio Ferarra. The circumstances around his death will forever remain sketchy, and the truth is I believe he was scratched off by someone.

The second part of the two fold was Covid19. The Vatican sure as hell knows the truth behind this scamdemic. Hell all you have to do is look at the Rockefeller website and they admit it all. The biggest insult is what use to be part of my old parish Regina Pacis/Saint Rosalia, Saint Rosalia was the oldest Italian Church in Bensonhurst that was closed down a few years ago and now runs covid tests that both contribute to abortion services, and the democrat party’s coffers. My reaction all of it was to turn back to Islam.

Sunni Islam I was plenty aware of, but it wasn’t until a guy at a local deli introduced me to it that I dove neck deep into it. Sunni Islam in layman’s terms can be compared to traditional Catholicism in christianity in that they hold their interpretation to be the original true Islam. It’s very militant and disciplined. Yet after learning of a storm that destroyed my parents house, and a comment I remember being made the day before that happened after prayer: “Tell his dad we got our own problems here” something didn’t sit right with me. It wasn’t long before I left Islam all together.

Thankfully I didn’t go from a 7th century religion to a second century Judaism that Yara condemned years ago. That deathno state religion of ISRAHELL, Israel is not a supremacist ideology that I have ever, nor will ever hold. Today I am a Catholic Christian who belongs to no church, but I do follow Fr. Richard Voight who has ministered in Utica Ny, and now is in Minneapolis. Last Lent I had an article published in the Pioneer. For Lenten 2021 I write this, my own story of a Christian militant’s “Journey to Abraham’s Father.”

“Rewind to Remind”

Tobias J. Lanz has compiled a third position library with his book Beyond Capitalism and Socialism. Whether because of society’s lack of will, knowledge, or both; this Lanz quote screams like the late Chester Bennington:

“But the problem…is a lack of imagination.”

Lanz’s book incorporates twelve contributing authors including Fordham University alumni PhD Peter Chognowski. A couple of years ago I was able to speak with Dr. Chojnowski about both his contribution to this book, and his personal outlook on economics. In that conversation he highlighted Distributism’s core principle that the state’s means of production should be widely dispersed, and correspond with a traditional society in raising the high state. This theme’s crossover appeal is evident today with American Third Position.

Beyond Capitalism and Socialism makes it clear that only a proper state can bear the burden of heavy weight, whereas an improper state like America’s current usurped system crumbles like our poor infrastructure. For those seeking to learn, and for those who yearn for truth it’s my view that this book is one of the best places to begin. Reading Beyond Capitalism and Socialism along with my discussion with Dr. Chojnoski truly made me begin to look at economics in a much different way. To Dr. Chojnoski and all of his fellow contributing authors I say thank you. This book is one that should be on everyone’s bookshelf as a way to rewind to remind us how a proper state is made and functions.

How I Became an Enemy of them State

9-11-2001, the deadliest monetary attack on American soil, carried out in part by American traitors, has morphed into a psychological attack on Americans in 2021.

I had my own experience of this before the inauguration of Joseph Biden with a visit from the secret service. The First Amendment be damned was the message they were sent to give me. Aligning themselves with big tech, the agents stood in front of me: “Did you tweet that?”

“Biden should be shot for what he did to Libya.”

“HELL YEAH!” I exclaimed as I explained “should be” is not “I will”, and posed the question, “Why would I (someone on disability) go to D.C. to be around people I despise?” Before they left I told them to stay safe, “and I’ll have coffee for you next time.”

As Cultured Thug has often said: “The constitution is only as good as the force used behind it.” In a properly run A3P state big tech usurpers would be eliminated from the public square. Agents howdy’l-dodie would’ve left immediately after my response. America wouldn’t project an enemy of Americans status. Never! I am an enemy of their state of mind.

“CONstitution: A Fool’s Errand”

Washington use to sing a very different tune to the powerful minority bankers: “They work more effectively against us, than the enemy’s #army. They are a hundred times more dangerous to your liberties, and the great cause we are engaged in…” Yes general. A tale old as time. However I’m afraid you’re going too need reinforcements. Maybe Jefferson can help (no not love and marriage love and marriage).

Alright Thomas drop some bars on them: “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our constitution. Boom! Thomas Jefferson rejected the religious right, and their monetary weapons. Maybe this American thing can work. Oops! On 12-23-1913 President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the federal reserve. Inversion of peace sure as hell came next: WW1, WW2, Korea, Cold War, and lo howdy left right left right to Saigon Lieutenant Kennedy.

“You know we’re not going to do this.” On June 4, 1963 #President John F Kennedy signed executive order 11110 stripping the weight from the central bank. He also sold grain to the #SovietUnion, and with Premier Krushchev ended the Cuban Missile Crisis. World peace and JFK all died in Texas with a bullet.

Now inhale: LBJ and the Gulf of Tonkin, more cold war, Persian gulf, Serbia, 911 false flag, #Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Maga/Miga, Syria again, Russia, China, Epstein, Soulemani, Israel bombs Syria Christmas eve, Biden masks the #USA, and “I still can’t breathe.” Land of the bullshit, home of the fearful. We are the un-united Zionist states of America ruled by them CONstitution, a fool’s errand.

“A Bird’s Eye View”

James W. Douglass writes: “In the fall of 1963, Kennedy, like Krushev, had been given new glasses.” Unfortunately the cataracts obscuring our vision today might leave readers wondering what it was those glasses saw. Douglass’s book, JFK and The Unspeakable, although a worthwhile read, doesn’t really answer that question. I will list below a few of the circumstances of global politics happening at that time which Douglass neglected to mention.

JFK’s tenure as the only U.S. Catholic president occured amidst many global wars of influence: The Vatican II revolution, both Kennedy and Krushchev’s distrust of Israel, a coalition among U.S. protestants and Jews to bust up inner city catholic neighborhoods, and a Cold War. As Catholic monk Thomas Merton wrote: “He (JFK) had been marked for assassination.” Clearly if he was going to die he’d make us all forever remember.

From the infamous executive order 11110 targeting the central bank, to pressing for AIPAC to register as a foreign agent, to signing the Test Ban treaty, to selling the Soviet Union grain, Kennedy had absolutely zero fear of the Unspeakable—death. His own words reflected this: “If God wants me I’m ready to die.” As this book clearly portrays both a WWII veteran and Catholic militant it’s appropriate to end this from a bird’s eye view:

“With fear and trembling work out your own salvation.”


U.S. CONstitution: A Fool’s Errand

Washington to the jews: “They (the jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy’s army. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties, and the great cause we are engaged in…” Yes, general. You identified the genesis of the problem. Mr. President where was your chaplain for this natural fight? Your military might and intellectual foresight to drive them back across the ocean? Maybe Jefferson can help (no not love and marriage love and marriage).

Alright Thomas drop it on them: “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing to our principles and from of your constitution. Boom! Thomas Jefferson rejected the religious right off his day, and their monetary weapons. Maybe this American thing might work. Oops! On 12-12-1913 President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the federal reserve. Inversion of peace sure as hell came next: WWI, WWII, Korea, and lo howdy left right, left right to saigon. “You know we’re not going to do this.” Lieutenant Kennedy what’s the plan?

On June 4, 1963 President John F Kennedy signed executive order 11110 stripping the weight from the privately owned Rothchild federal reserve. That some year he granted the Soviet Union help who were having a grain shortage. Less than two years later all of this and ending the Cuban Missile Crisis…JFK was killed in Texas by the bullet.

Here we go again (inhale): LBJ and the Gulf of Tonkin, Cold War, Persian Gulf, Serbia, 9-11 false flag, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Maga/Miga, Syria again, Jerusalem, Russia, China, Israel bombs Syrian Christians Christmas eve 2020, Zionist potus Biden 202O, and waiting to exhale. Land of the fearful, and home of the bullshit. We are the un-united zionist states of America ruled by the CONstitution, a fool’s errand.

Coney Island View: “From the Mundane to the Metaphysical: Observations and Reflections On Life.”

Styled after Marcus Aurelius; U.S. Marine, Iraq War veteran, and anti-war activist Angelo John Gage’s first book is an initial step for those seeking to break the matrix. “Another problem with religion in general, is with every claim of a supernatural experience from one religion, you will find plenty of claims from others writes Gage. True enough.

So too were my mundane experiences reading this book on a Coney Island bound N-Train. After taking a picture of the U.S.S. Liberty book mark that came with the book, and tweeting it to General Flynn…the smell of smoke filled my mask. Immediately after I received a notification from my phone that a plane crashed in Queens killing four. I immediately called my dad to let him know in case our cousins were on the plane.

Although a religious skeptic he values innocent life heavily. He opines: “The topic of abortion is a touchy one; Some consider it murder while others dont.” He goes on to offer his own opinion, which is a reflection of a non radical, yet in line with his radical stance on being anti war both home and abroad.

He shows readers how to adjust your style of communication in conversation, and when “silence is golden.” “During this time, we were not allowed to speak of move what so ever. His time at Paris Island brought back many memories of my own.

His life’s story and continued service to others transcends today’s dividing lines. From New Jersey to the sandpits home, and abroad his story challenges readers to realize you’re only bound by the limits of your mind. Everyones are different. For his book and work I offer him an all too familiar latin refrain: Semper Fidelus.

“Italy’s Venetian Neglect”

After his conversation with Theodore Herzyl Pope Pius X said: “La Terra di Gerusalemme se non pra sempre e’ santificata per la vita Gesu (pronounced in his Venetian dialect “Yesu”). The implications of this on a young Musolinni would’ve been recognized immediately. Religious identity, national tounge, and preservation of the state were all in one.

After Pius X’s death, fall of the Papal States, rise of the zionist states of America as the global hegemone, and the fall of the Ottomans Mussolini sought a third way. He experienced the zionist wave rickashay across the west and east, and felt the socio-economic terror on his people. The way to consolidate Christian tradition, and reassemble economic resources was via the Lateran treaty with Pope Pius XI.

Immediately the affect of reunifying Italians around their native cultural traditions reaped an economic stimulus for the state. Yet Il Duce costliest mistake was an inadequate attention to the supernatural powers of linguistics. In both Latin and Greek the very word “Jew” doesn’t exist, nor did the religion at the time. The Jew was a Yahuda and their culture was and always will be a foreign destructive force.

“Empire State of Decay”

In “A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind,” Steven Mitford Goodson writes: “As this section will show, all previous encounters which the United States has experienced with central banking has been very negative.” Basing this quote on the writings of Thomas Jefferson he highlights early American deists aversion to Khazarian Jewish banking. So how did the original cancel culture cancel America’s first seventy-seven years?

I2-23-1915 was when President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve. As of Goodson’s writing 97% of the American dollar’s purchasing power has been lost since that time. Further illuminating the point on pg. 87 he identifies a Jewish member of the black hand (Garvillo Princip,) co-conspirator communist Vladimir Lenin, and an American Jewish Jacobin financier who overthrew the Russian monarchy. This marked a pivotal moment in American Bolshevik banking.

Since then the funding for wars including: WWI, WWII, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf, Great Recession of 2007, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Syria again, and the money and bombs never end. The latest war on co(n)vid underscores a morally bankrupt monetary system that has antomised Americans. Coned into a state of slaugh and materialism……….America has been reduced into an Empire State of Decay.