“Italy’s Venetian Neglect”

After his conversation with Theodore Herzyl Pope Pius X said: “La Terra di Gerusalemme se non pra sempre e’ santificata per la vita Gesu (pronounced in his Venetian dialect “Yesu”). The implications of this on a young Musolinni would’ve been recognized immediately. Religious identity, national tounge, and preservation of the state were all in one.

After Pius X’s death, fall of the Papal States, rise of the zionist states of America as the global hegemone, and the fall of the Ottomans Mussolini sought a third way. He experienced the zionist wave rickashay across the west and east, and felt the socio-economic terror on his people. The way to consolidate Christian tradition, and reassemble economic resources was via the Lateran treaty with Pope Pius XI.

Immediately the affect of reunifying Italians around their native cultural traditions reaped an economic stimulus for the state. Yet Il Duce costliest mistake was an inadequate attention to the supernatural powers of linguistics. In both Latin and Greek the very word “Jew” doesn’t exist, nor did the religion at the time. The Jew was a Yahuda and their culture was and always will be a foreign destructive force.

Published by Raymond Vincent Ranaletta

Trad-Cat American Third Positionist (A3P) Free-Lance Writer

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