Coney Island View: “From the Mundane to the Metaphysical: Observations and Reflections On Life.”

Styled after Marcus Aurelius; U.S. Marine, Iraq War veteran, and anti-war activist Angelo John Gage’s first book is an initial step for those seeking to break the matrix. “Another problem with religion in general, is with every claim of a supernatural experience from one religion, you will find plenty of claims from others writes Gage. True enough.

So too were my mundane experiences reading this book on a Coney Island bound N-Train. After taking a picture of the U.S.S. Liberty book mark that came with the book, and tweeting it to General Flynn…the smell of smoke filled my mask. Immediately after I received a notification from my phone that a plane crashed in Queens killing four. I immediately called my dad to let him know in case our cousins were on the plane.

Although a religious skeptic he values innocent life heavily. He opines: “The topic of abortion is a touchy one; Some consider it murder while others dont.” He goes on to offer his own opinion, which is a reflection of a non radical, yet in line with his radical stance on being anti war both home and abroad.

He shows readers how to adjust your style of communication in conversation, and when “silence is golden.” “During this time, we were not allowed to speak of move what so ever. His time at Paris Island brought back many memories of my own.

His life’s story and continued service to others transcends today’s dividing lines. From New Jersey to the sandpits home, and abroad his story challenges readers to realize you’re only bound by the limits of your mind. Everyones are different. For his book and work I offer him an all too familiar latin refrain: Semper Fidelus.

Published by Raymond Vincent Ranaletta

Trad-Cat American Third Positionist (A3P) Free-Lance Writer

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