“Journey to Abraham’s Father.”

July 25, 1985 I was born on my mother’s birthday into a traditional italian-american family. Father Bill at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton was our parish priest. My earliest memories at what grew into a good size church began in a barn. It didn’t take long for my mother to begin going after the Vatican leadership and by extension Fr. Bill: “Why are you calling it reconciliation? It’s confession, penance!” She went on to teaching religion classes in the neighborhood the way she was always taught, and not how the corrupt bishop wanted. That was what I consider a part time church growing up. Mainly there just to make my first sacraments.

Meanwhile where my dad went to church growing up it was a much different story. Granted I didn’t physically go there asmuch, I always associated it with a much more traditional way and my paternal grandparents where I spent half my life growing up. Fughetaboutit! My grandparents weren’t even going to entertain the Vaticans garbage: “Raymond it’s not the holy spirit, it’s the holy ghost.” I remember my grandmother correcting me many times growing up. My grandfather would just look on with a smile on his face.

That was the basic theme of religious war within the Catholic church as I understood it back then as a kid. If only that were it. The only hint I had that things where much worse than that was my father telling me: “The church even admits there will be a split at the Vatican.” I didn’t really pursue looking into that as a teenager, but it was something I always remembered. That memory stayed with me after the Marine Corps, drugs, and a whole lot of craziness.

In 2009-end of 2010 a friend of mine originally from Lebanon who moved to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn introduced me to Shia Islam at Suny Buffalo. At that time being catholic was as far from my mind as the east is from the west. At that time I was around many lebanonese maronite christians like my old friend Yara. She was from Lebanon, and moved to Canada, but was studying at Suny Buffalo. “Ray I’m telling you the jews in Israel are the problem.” “They need to be shot, or driven back home or something.” Jaafar shared a similar sentiment, but wasn’t as hostile as Yara was.

I ended up leaving Islam NOT because I hated Islam, but at that time drugs were an issue among other problems. Fast forward to 2020. I was floating back and fourth between traditional catholicism, and the old basilica that I use to attend. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back with me, and the CON-ciliar church was two fold: The death of the greatest priests any one could ever meet, Fr. Giorgio Ferarra. The circumstances around his death will forever remain sketchy, and the truth is I believe he was scratched off by someone.

The second part of the two fold was Covid19. The Vatican sure as hell knows the truth behind this scamdemic. Hell all you have to do is look at the Rockefeller website and they admit it all. The biggest insult is what use to be part of my old parish Regina Pacis/Saint Rosalia, Saint Rosalia was the oldest Italian Church in Bensonhurst that was closed down a few years ago and now runs covid tests that both contribute to abortion services, and the democrat party’s coffers. My reaction all of it was to turn back to Islam.

Sunni Islam I was plenty aware of, but it wasn’t until a guy at a local deli introduced me to it that I dove neck deep into it. Sunni Islam in layman’s terms can be compared to traditional Catholicism in christianity in that they hold their interpretation to be the original true Islam. It’s very militant and disciplined. Yet after learning of a storm that destroyed my parents house, and a comment I remember being made the day before that happened after prayer: “Tell his dad we got our own problems here” something didn’t sit right with me. It wasn’t long before I left Islam all together.

Thankfully I didn’t go from a 7th century religion to a second century Judaism that Yara condemned years ago. That deathno state religion of ISRAHELL, Israel is not a supremacist ideology that I have ever, nor will ever hold. Today I am a Catholic Christian who belongs to no church, but I do follow Fr. Richard Voight who has ministered in Utica Ny, and now is in Minneapolis. Last Lent I had an article published in the Pioneer. For Lenten 2021 I write this, my own story of a Christian militant’s “Journey to Abraham’s Father.”

Published by Raymond Vincent Ranaletta

Trad-Cat American Third Positionist (A3P) Free-Lance Writer

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